Hamish is always very busy, trying to come up with new ways to raise money for the Tayside Mountain Rescue team.  He does this because Tayside Mountain Rescue are a voluntary emergency service and this means that they don’t have money to pay for things they need –  like safety equiment and clothing. Luckily for Hamish, fundraising usually means one thing….FUN! In fact, fundraising is so much fun that it’s actually one of Hamish’s favourite things to do.

Be creative...

Hamish is always very clever and creative at coming up with new ways to raise money. He often organises sponsored walks with his friends and he’s known to bake and sell his favourite treats (peanut butter cookies) at the car boot sales.  We’ve even seen Hamish give up eating veggie burgers for a whole month in return for £1 from each of his family members!!

Needless to say, Hamish is good at raising money. But there’s only so much money he can raise on his own and he is always looking for new friends to help him come up with new ideas.

Can you help Hamish?

Here are a few fundraising ideas for you and your friends (or even your whole school)  to help raise money for Hamish and the Tayside Mountain Rescue Team.  Remember to always ask for help and permission from your parents or teacher to get involved in fundraising activities – it might also be fun if they get involved too!


Organise a sponsored walk with your friends or your whole class –  Choose a sunny day and somewhere nice to go.  Set yourself a target so that you have a starting and end point. You might choose to walk over the Tay Bridge, or perhaps to do a 5 mile walk around Camperdown Park.


Run a cake and bake sale – This one is Hamish’s favourite way to raise money (because he gets to eat some tasty treats in the process!) You can make all of your favourite cakes and then sell them at your school fete or fun day.


Organise a sponsored ‘Keep the bike going’ competition –  If someone in your school has an exercise bike you can set this up in the gym hall (or in the corridor or playground)  and keep the bike going for a whole week by letting everyone in the school cycle for ten minutes each! Teachers can get involved in this fun one too!


Run a raffle – Ask your friends to donate items to your raffle and sell tickets.


Organise a school disco. Ask your teachers if you can use the gym hall, pick a date and sell tickets!


Organise a crafts and arts bizarre


Organise a quiz – Have fun making your own quiz questions up and as everyone to donate to take part.


Guess how many highland toffees are in the jar – Grab a large jar, fill it with toffees (remember to count them when you’re puttng them in). Put the jar in your school reception area for one month and ask all visitors to your school during that month to guess the number of toffees in the jar (for a donation). Record everyone’s guesses and the person who’s guesses closest to the amount of toffees in the jar wins the whole jar! Yum


Run a Goal-kicking contest – See who can score the most goals in a Soccer Saturday-style shootout. Either charge people an entry fee to beat the goalie, or let people bet on who they think the winner will be.


Face painting – Nominate a teacher to be your face painter for the day and charge people to have their face painted at school!


Teacher Karaoke – Challenge your teachers to take part in a karaoke competition. They will need to pay to take part and you can decide who the winner is!


Used Book Sale – Organise a book sale at your school. Collect used books from friends and neighbours then set up a stall in your school to sell to pupils and teachers.


Come to school in fancy dress – get the whole school involved in this one! Get everyone to pay a donation (teachers too!) to come to school in fancy dress for the day.

These are just a few ideas – but you can be as creative as you like when it comes to fundraising. As long as it is safe and fun there are no restrictions to what you do!

Everyone who takes part in fundraising activity will receive an ‘I helped Hamish’ sticker/certificate and every school that raises over £500 for us will get a special visit from Hamish himself to their school to say thank you.

Remember to send us photos of the fun that you are having along the way and we will post them to Hamish’s facebook page!

Help Hamish

Once you have achieved your sponsorship goal please ask your teacher to contact the team to let us know! Our email address is: